Tuesday, March 11, 2008

T.K. And The Manifestos

On a related subject to the previous posting I would like to turn attention to another Manifesto of sorts.  One that was written in blood, insanity and a manual typewriter.  I wonder what TK thinks about text messaging?


All, I just finished reading Ted Kaczynski's manifesto. I am now ready to live in the wilderness and commune with nature as it was intended for us in the beginning. Ted's thoughts on the perpetuation of technology and how it robs us of important natural goals such as sustaining life and replaces them with "surrogate activities" is interesting. He feels that we need to destroy the techno-industrial juggernaut and revert to living in small tribe-like communities. In addition, the only technology allowed to exist would be "small technology" things like hand tools, wells, and waterwheels.

I now want to create my own manifesto. The problem is that I am not impassioned enough about anything to pen such a doctrine. Maybe I will write a manifesto about apathy. An apathesto if you will. I will quit halfway through and try to hang myself with my own underwear. I wont have the energy or enthusiasm to kill myself though so I will end up loafing around my house with my underwear around my neck.


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