Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, ASC is back from Japan, and feeling up to contributing once again. For this post I will pass along this short paragraph. The back story involves my brit friend Malk who becomes enamored with this beautiful japanese american yonsei, Nae. They settle in to a semi urban life in Portland with chickens and numerous sheds in the yard.

One of our chickens got attacked and half eaten by a raccoon this morning.
I feel really sad for her, Marigold.
She was slower than the other two, but would allow me to pick her up.
Nae thought she was dead when she found her,
but when I checked she was still breathing, but in terrible shape.

I told Nae to go inside and make a cup of tea.

Then I took a sharp spade and bludgeoned her to death.
I did not realize what tough birds they are.
It took about 30 strikes to finish her off, she just would not go.
Thankfully Nae didn't see it.

That is not a good thing to do to one of your animal friends.


Later Malk called me and told me they made a chicken run.
"Oh, really," I said, "don't you think it's a little soon? I mean shouldn't there be some sort of mourning period?" After much confusion it was made clear to me that a chicken run, unlike a beer run, is an outside enclosure protecting the chickens from predators.

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