Saturday, December 8, 2007

For Your Happy Time

So there are a lot of ideas lost in translation here in Japan, but not the official beer of Okinawa. Yes, above the the stars of Orion's belt read the words "For your happy time". I couldn't say it better.
"Ichi biru o kudasai" I say and the waitperson looks at me with the uneasy expression that says "why is this Japanese man having such a hard time ordering a beer. He must be slightly retarded."
Anyway, I've come to the happy realization that living in a country without being able to read or speak the language isn't as big a barrier as it seems. All you need is a handful of useful nouns, the phrase "toriwah doko deska" (where is the bathroom?) and the disposition to dismiss obvious road warning signage as inconsequential having no idea what it says anyway.
Life in Japan is good.

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