Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Fail More Often Than Not

So. Snow is falling. Rain is on its way promising to turn those fluffy crystals into wet slushy soup. I'm hitting an 11 am flight to Vegas tomorrow. I haven't packed. I've calculated my current momentum and figured I won't get to sleep tonight until at least 2 a.m.

That said, I realize submissions to Dark Cedars have lagged in the past few weeks. Four writers and not a man of action among them. In kind with our lack of creativity, this post will be short and sweet, also keeping in theme with tonight's subject.
Via NPR I came across Smith Magazine who have taken it upon themselves to solicit life stories from everyone and anyone who will submit. Famous and innocuous alike. They have even published a book (watch the video it's good) of the received memoirs. The catch. Your life story must be fairly concise. Six words concision to be exact. My Six-Word Memoir is posted to their website and I am fairly happy with it. However, in accordance with my life story it may be way off the mark. You be the judge.
I challenge you all to whittle the intricacies of you respective journeys to the bare minimum of what they represent thus far. Mine are filled with regret, but scrambling for optimism. Realism delving into animism.
In conclusion I would like you to take this opportunity to strip yourself down. By that I mean find the essence of your self at this moment in this time. And, after posting your memoir on Smith Magazine, please post them here in the comments of Dark Cedars.


American Sunshine Cowboy said...

I'm wrong. Dogs still like me.

American Sunshine Cowboy said...

Finally figured out how to post my memoirs to Smith Mag. Updated the link.