Saturday, November 17, 2007

More on Music

So back to my good friend Chad S. (or as Bryce would put it the Chadinator). Chad as music DJ. I feel we need a little more background on why Chad S. would be a good candidate to represent the NW music scene. This will be evidenced with archival digital letters sent during a simpler time. Ty was behind a desk, Chad was a Californian.

I totally see Chad S. as the ideal Mercury delivering the NW essence to the icy stoop of Upstate NY. I may have only heard one show, but that show was filled with many heretofore forgotten musical trivialis featuring Kurt, Courtney, Art Alexakis (kidding). Anyway hopefully Chad S. has archived a few other shows and I can post them here when I decide to shed the "expat" moniker.



So what? I buy one (ok, two) Everclear albums in my youth and I'm forever branded a bad judge of music quality? A few months ago, I saw that the Secret Machines were making a tour stop with Interpol in Seattle. I sent an email suggesting that you guys attend the show - it was supposed to be technically impressive and the Secret Machines are a quality band. Ben, not knowing this band, then listened to a couple tunes (or, perhaps, 10 second exerpts?). He promptly concluded, "this sucks!" I now own the Secret Macines album and can say without hesitation that it does not suck. It's high quality, in fact. Very diverse in sounds. Some tracks have Zepplinesque drum beats. Some have Pink Floyd psychadelic elements. Others are more poppy - but not in the disgusting sense. I am convinced that Ben's verdict was driven by two simple facts: 1) I suggested the band, and 2) he will not forgive my aforementioned Everclear transgressions. He's committed similar rash judgements in the past. Take Tenacious D, for example. I suggested, shortly after their album came out, that you should all check it out. I cited both the quality of musicianship and juvenile humor. He hated it. Several months later, we put the CD on in Ty's car, and we all dug it. Next thing I know, Ben's demanding that I watch the Tenacious D Masterworks DVD, since it was the "funniest thing ever." Long live the D! So, I humbly resubmit my suggestion to you. Give The Secret Machines a listen. Don't dismiss it on account of one or two poor musical decisions I've made in the past.

PS - does anyone who claims to do something humbly actually have an ounce of humility in what they do? Discuss.

At least your first compact disc purchases do not include Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" and "12 inches of Snow" by Snow. I guess I don't understand why there is a perception out there that Chad likes shitty music? I am guilty of thinking it also. I mean not that you are Greg or anything and secretly hate music, but for some invalidated reason, conventional wisdom says Chad's music sucks. This is proven false time after time when I go to his house and peruse his selections. Many are of high quality. I guess it is just one of those hard dying prejudices that perpetuates sans foundation of proof. I blame Ben for this actually. He seems a worthy scapegoat being that he is a minority and all. He is always in my ear saying stuff like, "Yo Chad's all up into some whack meyouzak, no what I'm sayin' Dog" and "That C-Sparbs is wiggity home fry, Mean that dogz all spinnin' some crazy messed up noize in the hizzy" I am not sure why Ben doesn't chastise my musical tastes? I'm sure in my musical library one could find more than enough fodder to lob lameness grenades in my direction. They could explode lameness shrapnel at me and I could end up lame.

PS- No

Chad - I am not against you musically. If I were I would have no legs to stand upon. As an example lately I find myself listening to two main types of music 1- Classical and 2- Techno/trance. Now where does that put me? I'd say in the oddball zone. Not quite the oddball zone that Ty occupies with his alien asian girls vintage records spinning on an ancient record player, but odd none-the-less. The thing is the odder one gets - the more they start to approach the cool/eccentric zone. These two zones overlap somehow. Sort of like someone driving around in a stock Pinto - are they odd and lame or cool and flippant?
So listen to whatever the fuck you wanna listen to - even everclear if it strikes your fancy.
And I also say no to the humility question.

Woody, your tastes in music seem to be approaching mine as well. I often switch between Classical (say the Bach Cello Suite, or Some Chopin) to what is referred to in the Electronica Genre as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music - which really means possibly less than danceable music). IDM is produced by such groups as Plaid, Autecra, Matmos, and Aphex Twin... If you've ever seen the movie Morvern Caller then you've heard IDM, as long as you didn't have the sound turned down. Man I just revealed myself as a huge dork again.

I humbly stand by my baseless accusations. Reading Ty and Woo and knowing Bryce and my musical tastes and how they have changed and become very original and are likely to continue growing and mutating into unpredictable animals, I would like to say that you Sparbs are like a tree standing by the river, as in "you shall not be moved". I respect the way your musical tastes have stayed true to the path of a 90's grunge follower. You will always have your Nirvana collection prominently displayed like a bon jovi fan struting around his mullet. You will be the go to man to discover the newest to the genre like the White Stripes and Secret Machines. You have my utmost respect. Not in musical taste, but your unwavering predictablilty. That said, y'all should check out Jason Moran "Same Mother". This piano playing fool rocks.

Yeah, I would call Bryce and Ben musical progressives. Their tastes seem to be evolving much like dinosaurs evolved into jesus. But tell me oh masters of the learned, just where is the real missing link, the saviourosaurus. Do not dinosaurus's deserve deliverance? (say that ten times fast) My musical tastes have, by contrast, devolved. Lately I have been listening to the wanton throbbing of wet cabbage struck against hollowed hickory logs. It's breathtaking and sensual.

Oh! So you've been listening to IDM lately too Ty.

Hmmm. Would you also argue that it is this lack of personal evolution that has led me to reject all Darwinian Theories - including the dinosour to personal lord and savior hypothesis? In my defense, I offer a sampling of non-rock albums I've recently purchased. Natalie MacMaster- a masterful blend of Celtic music and bluegrass. Aimee Mann - folksy pop that will put a smile on your face. N.E.R.D. - I suppose it's a blend of hip-hop, rock, and funk. Whatever it is, I love it. In fact, I'd say the rock I'm most attracted to these days makes me want to dance a little bit (Beck, Franz Ferdinand). Yeah baby, I've got the moves. I've always been an ignorant fan of classical. I mean, I like it, but I couldn't identify composers and whatnot. Last Christmas, we went to Handel's Messiah, and I quickly concluded that I hate baroque. Going into it, I thought the sudden high-low note changes would appeal to me - given my affinity for grunge. Turns out, however, that it just produces a violent reaction that makes my body ache. Halleluja! I also attended a Wagner opera a while back. Call me a jewish anti-semite, but I find the musical bombast of Wagner highly appealing. The overture to the opera was just a beautiful piece of music... but, it was also widely used in my beloved Bugs Bunny cartoons. Thus, with a giddy child-like smile on my face, I could not refrain from muttering "Kill the Wabbit, Kill the wabbit!" Those sitting next to me were not amused.

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